Nominations: Hanni, Luclay & Karen Snub

In a bizarre twist of events, three Housemates decided to snub the usual flow of the game and decided not to nominate anyone; thus putting themselves on the chopping block.

Hanni, Luclay and Karen refused to take part in the Nominations session in the morning for various reasons, which technically means they have ‘stopped’ playing the game.

Hanni said she didn’t have the right to decide on who should stay or leave the game. This would be the second time that Luclay has snubbed Nominations, and he really didn’t have any reason. However, Karen simply told Biggie to put her name up there.

The Zimbabwean duo of Wendall and Vimbai went for Kim and Millicent. Wendall said Kim has changed since she stopped drinking alcohol and Millicent can be horrible to people.

Head of House, Vina went for Kim because she is a strong contender, then put Wendall up because she felt he is too competitive. “I think he should give others a chance on the EVA Walk Challenge,” she said.

Millicent nominated Wendall because he’s failed to open up to her while she thought Karen should go because Nigeria still has two representatives in the House.

Sharon O shared Millicent’s sentiments on Karen and also cited Vimbai as someone she wouldn’t like to be up against in the final week.

Lomwe kept to his consistency of nominating Hanni as the one Housemate he interacts the least with. He also put Luclay up as a strategic move to get rid of the guys and place himself closer to the prize.

Last but not least was “Kimberly from Zambia,” who didn’t hesitate to nominate Vimbai because she is a strong contender, then Vina, just to see if she’ll follow in her Nigerian ‘sister’s’ footsteps (seeing as Africa has confidence in her.)


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