Daybreak: The Beginning of The End

The dawn of the final Eviction Show saw the Housemates sleeping for a good part of the morning and after Luclay’s dramatic night; he spent the night in the garden.

Sharon O was the first one up but she stayed in bed reading her Bible seemingly deep in thought.

Obviously oblivious that she is one of the lucky ones that have made it through to the final alongside Nigerian duo – Karen and Vina – she seemed very distant.

However, Kim decided to bath and get ready to face the day very early while Hanni and Millicent also stayed up in bed in deep thought.

Hanni, Millicent, Kim, Wendall, Lomwe, Luclay and Vimbai are all up for possible Eviction tonight and for some of them, last night’s Last Day on Earth party would have been their last in the House.

It’s only a matter of hours before we meet the Big Brother Amplified finalists and Africa’s decision is final.

Who has Africa put through to join the elite trio of Vina, Karen and Sharon O?


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