Feature: Who’s Playing Who?

There’s a lot of talk in the House around who could be fooling who and who could be genuine.

With so many love interests developing just this week alone, people are beginning to think that it could be strategies.

Since the Housemates were reunited on Monday night and with the power cut, the Housemates had a chance to go for their love interests in the dark.

Lomwe quickly ditched Vina’s advances and went for Kim who has been battling with dealing with her heart because she’s sceptical of falling for the Malawian hunk. She has expressed her concern about his sudden interest in her but there’s no doubt that she’s actually enjoying the attention. Then there’s Miss P and Alex and Weza. Whatever is going on between these three comes straight from a mystery novel.

Weza was the one who declared her love to Alex initially but now that Alex has started circling her, she’s not sure how to act.

She’s told him straight that she’s not sure if he’s serious or not but Alex has sworn that he really likes her. He says he likes Miss P in another way – it’s the motherly kind of way and with Weza it’s physical.

As for Zeus and Karen, the least said about these two the better because Zeus had difficulty dodging Karen’s forceful self in the bedroom when she demanded a kiss. He kept telling her that he has a girlfriend and all but that didn’t seem to bother her.

Isn’t this what Zeus has been saying since he first entered the House? Well, he has been spending more time with the Nigerian Housemate who even treated him to a massage. Could he be falling for her too? Well, who wants to be on the wrong side of the Head of House?

The last four weeks of the game are surely set to be the most exciting ever and emotions will flare. Actually, Weza cracked on Sunday afternoon and broke down after Alex confessed his love for her and Luclay totally dissed her.

The countdown begins!


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