News: Luclay Cries, Didn't Hear From Home

Housemates gathered in the lounge and watched videos bearing messages from home. Each of them heard from home, except for Luclay who was blown a fuse by Bernadina.

Upon Eviction, the Namibian had an opportunity take revenge on one Housemate and she chose Luclay as he was one Housemate who’s Nomination of her she least expected.

As Housemates were shedding tears of joy as a result of seeing their loved ones, Luclay sat back on a couch and could not hold tears back.

This is arguably the most emotional fuse ever blown to a Housemate, as it reduced Luclay to tears and he went to bed shortly afterwards. It is unlikely that he will part with DJ Humility.
Luclay wept as he told Lomwe and Wendall that Karen is the only real woman in the House.

Luclay feels that no one cares!


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