News: Karen Inconsolable

Upon hearing news that her friend and love interest were leaving, Karen’s face painted a picture of resignation.

Vina just sat next to her, lost for words as to what to say to console her country mate.

Vimbai, as head of House, saved Wendall and replaced him with Mumba on the nominations list. The last time Vimbai put someone on the chopping block Michael was Evicted. This week was no different; Mumba followed suit, after she was put at risk by the Zimbabwean.

As opposed to replacing Wendall with Karen, her main nemesis in the House, Vimbai opted to put Mumba up for possible Eviction and the Zambian was evicted; leaving Karen distraught. She could not contain her emotions and the sadness was written all over her face.

Karen and Vimbai were planning to find middle ground and squash their beef, but Sunday’s events might set those plans back. Stay tuned to DStv Channel 198 and the Big Brother website to see how Karen would go about picking herself up from the disappointment she experienced after the Evictions show.


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