Tasks: Vote for Me

Housemates took turns on the podium and made speeches to convince Africa to vote for them. As the Finale draws closer, each is making efforts to gain last minute votes; hence Big Brother gave them a platform to state their case.

Wendall asked to be voted for because he believes he has represented his country very well and would use the money to care for his mother and give her the retirement she deserves.

Vina said it would be a great honour for her to come out triumphant, but the decision lied with the voting public. She was glad to be in the House and represent her country together with fellow country mate, Karen.

Sharon O asked the voting public to vote for her because she has been consistent throughout her stay in the House. She elaborated by saying she was a mother and, if she won, she would use the money to give her son what she never got as a child.

Luclay said he has showed Africa his heart and that’s all he had to offer. He said that the voting public know his heart and it is up to them to decide who the best person to win is.

Luclay said he was all he ever could be in the House, and would like to be an inspiration to his community; more like a “rags to riches” story. She concluded his speech by saying, “May the best man/woman win”.

Karen said she believes she entertained Africa, and hoped she was the person they would choose. She related a story about having come from a broken home and struggled throughout her childhood. She went on to say she came from a family of ten and her mother is a single parent as she was left by Karen’s step father with kids.

Hanni began by thanking the voting public for keeping her in the House until the final week. She said she hoped she represented herself and her country very well and carried her flag with pride.


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