Zambians Living in South Africa celebrate BBA Mumba, Kim

FOR the first time in the history of Africa’s most watched reality show, M-Net Big Brother Africa, Zambians living in South Africa have come together to celebrate and award the Zambia’s representatives in the Big Brother amplified House Mumba and Kim.

Mumba and Kim alongside musician Ozzy left Zambia for South Africa yesterday aboard Zambezi airline for the celebration and appreciation for their outstanding performance in the Amplified house.

And spokes person of the group that has organized the MUKIM treat Edwin Mununga says it is only prudent to help the two Amplified girls live the celebrity status they worked for by staying in the Big brother house for 11 and 12 weeks.

He says other countries like Zimbabwe had always compensated their representation even if they did not win. He says the girls have a great potential of being used as brands by the corporate world in the country because their faces are now world acclaimed.

“We Zambians living in South Africa here feel that our girls Mumba and Kim need support on their celebrity status. We agree that the two are recognized in the entire continent of Africa and will carry the Zambian flag everywhere they go. They were able to show two diverse sides of Zambian couture and for that, they deserve an honor,”

Mumba who was the winner’s (Karen) best baddy was short of words when she learnt of the development.


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