Want To Be Rich? Beware of the "Coalition of Four" and the Debt Trap

When you owe people…they OWN you.

Being in debt means being vulnerable, missing out on opportunities, being unable to invest sufficiently to build a secure retirement, being a SLAVE. 

Being in debt is damaging to your marriage, your levels of stress, your health, your children and the example they follow, and the proximity and quality of your retirement. 

Cut the waste! Eliminate anything that you’re currently paying for that no longer gives you enjoyment! Develop a spending plan! Be aware every day EXACTLY how much you’re spending and what on.

For the next 30 days write down exactly what you spend your money on, then add it up in each of the categories: rent/housing; food & miscellaneous shopping; transport; education; going out & entertainment; etc.  

How much “profit” are you left with at the end of the month? 
The Media’s Impact on our Finances

People are getting more and more into debt, buying things they don't need, egged on by what John Cummuta calls the Coalition of Four: Advertisers + Media + Credit Lenders + Merchants. 

The media present us with a constant stream of glamorous lifestyles, then advertisers make us feel insecure about what we have, and finally Credit Lenders present us with the lure of “free money”…

The Advertising and the Media industries co-operate. They run the show. They’ve perfected this so much that they can sell us anything. They know exactly how to push all our buttons. No wonder the difference between what most people earn and what they spend minimal if anything at all.

Eventually they get you to spend your entire income. 

Then come the credit lenders… “ooouuuh…poor baby… come over here, WE understand, WE’LL take care of you, don’t worry about a thing…here’s a 0% for 6 months credit card.” 

The Coalition is manipulating you. Driven by advertising and popular culture, you desire to buy a big house, a new car, fancy expensive clothes, every new convenience, toy, and fashion. 

You end up wasting money trying to LOOK rich… THE PROBLEM IS, YOU NEVER ACTUALLY BECOME RICH!

The fact is, as described in the book “The Millionaire Next Door”, most millionaires in the US have a modest house, drive a modest car, etc. and have simply spent less than they earn their entire lives and invested the difference.

The Coalition has trained you to be a good “consumer”.  

By the way, to “consume” means to destroy. A consumer is nothing but a WEALTH DESTROYER. 
The Coalition uses your weaknesses against you. They play to your desire to fit in, giving in to peer pressure, “looking the part”, keeping up with the Joneses… 

Too many middle-class people try to “keep up with the Joneses”.  

The problem is… the Joneses are broke. They may have the big house, the nice car, the expensive holidays… but if you study their financial statements, you’ll find that they own nothing, they have no assets, and they are in debt.

Instant gratification will kill your finances. Unplanned purchases can quickly get our expenses out of hand. Your best weapon against this temptation is DELAY. Write down what it is you want to purchase, then don’t act on it for a week. 


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