News: Talia ‘Accuses’ Biggie Of Taking Away Her Man

Yesterday after the Angolan pair had left the game, Talia and Tamara were called the diary room but something was evidently wrong with her. When asked by Biggie what had happened to her eyes, a despondent Talia told Biggie  that she had been crying. Still simulating as if he didn’t know what had happened , Biggie asked Talia why she had been crying. A plaintive Talia incriminated Biggie for having taken away her man, “You took away my dude Biggie  you know I loved him alot, he was my baby.” Talia said.

Talia went ahead to blame Esperanca for the Angolan pair exit and that for no reason she will forgive her for this. However, when they were done with their  diary session, they headed to the lounge where most of the other Housemates were,  they knew how she was feeling and so they comforted her asked her to calm down.
However much Talia was advised to cool down, she couldn’t make it and she even went ahead to curse Esperanca. Later, as time went on, Talia came to her normal ways and she was seen in the garden having fun with her sister Tamara.
Keitta and Mildred were supporting Esperanca, though she behaved in a weird way, Seydou was also partly to blame.  They  said that Seydou was not cooperative with his partner and even after knowing that Esperanca had threatened to quit, Seydou never cared to fight for what he wanted.
Do you think Seydou did not play his part well?


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