News: Zainab Pays Courtesy Call On Downville

Sierra Leonean rep Zainab became the latest Downville tormenter when she treated her former Housemates to her hologram amid surprised faces.
Roki and DKB are the other UPvillers who surprised Downvillers with their description of the VIP house. Well, today morning, Downville residents were treated to yet another surprise in the lounge when they sat near the screen and they became speechless when one of their own Zainab paid them a courtesy call.
They were all undoubted surprised to see the Sierra Leonean whom until recently was staying with them under the same roof.

“Of course I miss you guys, some of you, not all of you for some i don’t care.” she told her former housemates.
She continued to describe to them about her new home and how it feels to be a VIP.
Zainab also talked about her new friends and described her relationship with Barbz as good contrary to what they were expecting perhaps because both of them are models and may be their egos would clash basing on the fact that both ladies are so out spoken.
Previously, Downville residents were over heard speculating about the whereabouts of their former evicted housemates, they did not have any idea that some of them had been elevated to Upville. Zainab actually revealed to them that Maneta was also a resident in Upville.
Her description of Upville left many Downvillers impressed as Wati and Alex started imaging how it felt like staying in the VIP House and what qualities one needed to have for them to be elevated to Upville.
Well, at least their doubts have been cleared and since most of them were impressed with Zainab’s description of Upville, perhaps the housemates are going to improve their game in an attempt to impress viewers and hence be elevated to the luxurious house.


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