At Dawn: Could Prezzo Have Changed Character?

Prezzo has of late had a change in character and is nolonger the short tempered bad boy that Upville was used to. The ’Masaai warrior’ probably woke up on the right side because he was so moody in the wee hours of the day and treated his fellow VIPs including Goldie, Maneta and Keitta to a free comedy session as he started imitating his close buddy Roki and DKB amid laughter from other housemates.
He later with the help of Keitta dressed up their Art Task statue and placed it near model Barbz‘ bed so that when she wakes up she can be treated to a ‘surprise,’ however, all this was done for the jokes and not with any bad intentions.

Meanwhile,  Prezzo was not active in the routine morning exercise drills because he was feeling unwell. Keitta also did not take part in the exercises.
Prezzo could have found another ally in Keitta now that DKB is out of the house and Zainab as well thus there are less distractions from the Sexy Sierra Leonean. Perhaps there’s now ample time for Goldie.
Prezzo has of recent changed his ways, he has tried to fix his relations with Goldie and has also tried to get on well with other housemates, perhaps he has realised that it’s the right way to go.
Do you think Prezzo has changed for the better or it’s just one of those ‘strategies?’


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