News: Lady May To Unleash More Crazy Stuff

Hey, if you thought that you had seen enough of Lady May‘s antics, then you better think twice because the Lady has already assured Big Brother that she still has alot in store for the house.
She said that she has some respect for her fellow housemates that’s why she was not bringing out all the ‘crazy and spooky stuff’ but now basing on the fact that other housemates do not give her the respect she deserves, she has decided to go on rampage and unleash all the craziness you can think of.
“Starting from tomorrow I will show the more spooky, crazy me,” stressed the Namibian rep.

Lady May could have slept out side on a very cold night, dressed in heels during morning exercises and all the other crazy habits, but the Lady seems to have been sampling fellow housemates because from the looks of it, we are yet to see the real Lady May.
She told Big Brother that she gets the inspiration of showcasing more spooky and crazy stuff from her housemates because they do not give her respect.
During today’s Sprite Triple Basketball game, Lady May wore a black sexy pant and surely you could see that she could disrupt the Upville men courtesy of her waist wiggling skills while on the ball.
“I am actually the type of girl to play basketball in a G-string,” said the determined Namibian singer.
Well, from the way she was sounding, Lady May seemed determined and hope she does not cross the line with her self proclaimed ‘spooky, crazy stuff.’
Does she really mean business this time? Do you think Lady May has more surprises for the house?


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