Breaking News: Keitta Survives, Heads To Upville

Ghanian model, Keitta has finally landed in Upville after surviving today’s evictions.
Keitta could not make it to Upville with girl friend Mildred who was the first housemate to be evicted and also failed to appear on stage courtesy of a bad hair day.
Keitta got the most votes, Eve was on his heels, Edith the other Swana sister came in third position while Mildred came in last position.
Keitta was welcomed to Upville by non other than Zainab and Maneta who were so excited, the former Downville members hugged Keitta in turns. The other Upvillers were also hospitable enough as they shook hands and hugged the Ghanian man.

Keitta joins fellow country man DKB in Upville. He is expected to increase tensions in Upville as the other Upville boys are definitely going to be out of their comfort zones now that there’s another lion in the jungle.
This development is absolutely bad news for Mildred who has finally been separated from her boyfriend as earlier predicted.
Over to you, whom do you think Keitta is going to be close to in Upville?


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