Diary Room: Jannette’s Love Story

Jannette pointed out that she’s is nolonger interested in Malonza paving way for Junia to enjoy the Kenyan rep’s company without any competition.
During her diary session, the Ugandan rep made it clear to Biggie that the Downville couple can make out as many times as they want because she had decided to give them space.
Jannette who until recently was sleeping close to Malonza as their beds were close told Biggie that she moved away and shifted her bed from Malonza’s inorder not to create an impression to Junia and other housemates that she was ‘feeling’ the Kenyan rep. “I and Malonza are just friends and I want him to be happy,” she said.

However, when Biggie asked Kyle what he had to say about the matter, he said: “If you were not bothered, you would not have moved your bed. It bothers you to see them together.” His comments seemed not to have gone down well with Jannette but Biggie advised her to speak to her partner so that she can try and solve her problem since they are playing the game as a pair.
Biggie also added that she could speak to her fellow housemates and tell them how she feels and perhaps this could yield some positive results for her.
Well said Jannette, hope all goes well with your fellow housemates.


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