I Know Everyone - Maneta

Basing on the fact that Maneta has lived in both Downville and Upville, it makes her the only Husemate who knows atleast all the housemates in the Big Bother game.
There had been some envy among the Upville housemates as the Zimbabwean girl boastfully said that she knows every Stargame Housemate personally.
This is definitely true because before Maneta was upgraded to Upville she left before the likes of Ola and Chris, Esperanca and Seydou had taken voluntary exit.
Coming to Upville she found Mampi who was the first Upviller to be evicted and following the recent disqualification of Zainab and DKB, she therefore has to conclude that she really knows every one!
Does this have an advantage on her game plan?


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