Life After DKB and Zainab

Upville residents seem to be getting over DKB and Zainab‘s sudden departure. The housemates were in the afternoon getting ready for a photography exercise were they are required to make use of the provided camera which happens to be part of this week’s presentation.
Upville in the early hours of the day was unusually quiet as it was evident that the house was minus the outspoken disqualified housemates, during the routine morning drills, housemates were not jolly as usual as most of them wore sad faces.

The housemates were jokingly having a flash back on yesterday’s revelations over dinner and were over heard recounting what had happened.
The ‘Goldezzos’ were seated next to each other with the Masaai warrior donning a sweater in his national colours.
It looks like the once famous Goldezzo couple may patch things up now that Goldie‘s ‘competitor’ is out of the house.
New Upville member Keitta seems to be getting along with fellow housemates as he has quickly fitted in his new home. Perhaps this may be as a result of the the wrangle that took place yesterday thus bringing all housemates together as a family.
It seems like other housemates have given him a warmer reception thus making it easy for him to fit in quickly.
Over to you, do you think Prezzo and Goldie will take their relationship to the next level?
-By Joe Owakabik


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