Hot Topic: How Would You Advise Biggie?

After the voluntary exit of the Angolan pair, the Eviction of the Botswana sisters and one Ghana Housemate from Downville plus the disqualification of DKB and Zainab from Upville, things look different. The game looks to be more dull than ever, no entertainment , no drama, and the Housemates themselves are not feeling the game.
Upville looks to be more affected by boredom as the House is more quiet than it used to be. Although the disqualified Housemates were already nominated for possible eviction, it looks like the fellow Housemates are missing their drama alot.

DKB was entertaining and his presence used to change the moods of the Housemates in one way or the other. Zainab was also kind of funny and she used to contribute towards the fun that happened in the House, but this is no more because the two are now out.
Going back to Downville the house was blazing with the Botswana sisters Eve and Edith together with other Housemates but the atmosphere is very different at the moment.

If you were to advise Biggie on how to bring in more twists in the StarGame, what would your advice be?
* Bring us some fake Housemates like he did before?
* Bring back some evicted Housemates of your choice to make it special?
* Bring some entertainers in the House every after two days?
* Merge the two Houses (Downville and Upville) together soon?
* Make your own suggestion.


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