Keagan Breaks Alex’s Bed


Just afew hours to bed time  keagan was seen moving a bed from the bedroom to the lounge as Alex was seen putting together the bed. The two started laughing as if there was something unusual happening.
It was noted that the bed  Keagan was carrying belongs to Alex and it was kind of broken. At the same time we saw Alex trying to put a certain bed together, then a question comes, “Whose  was it”.
Just  a few seconds, Jannette walked in asking Alex” Why are you taking my bed”. Alex tried to dodge the question and Jannette to was easilly destructed and did not proceed with  the matter any further.

When he was done with fixing  and putting the bed together, there came in Wati who asked what exactly was going on.Alex blamed Keagan and Lee for breaking in a rant peppered with expletives .

A couple of minutes later, Kyle asked about the broken bed  in the lounge and Alex confessed that it was his. Kyle then  had to ask where Alex was going to  put up since his bed was destroyed. “In a bed,” Alex answered cleverly before adding “I didn’t say MY bed, I said A Bed”. But he lied the bed was his. So does the stolen bed really belong to Jannette, or was the bed of one of the exited Housemates? But as Alex failed to give the answers to the questions…….we shall see what will happen next
I just wonder what will happen during the sleeping time……Will Jannette go to someone’s bed as she  used?


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