You Are Cheap Men!

This early evening, the Downvillers engaged themselves in a lengthy conversation in which the girls were asking whether or not are men supposed to support their women financially.
The guys were totally against the topic and said that women are supposed to provide for themselves.This seemed to have risen the ladies’ guts of talking, so they went ahead to tell them that ” You are not real men:……….”You are cheap”.
For Tamara, Talia and Jessica, said that they wouldn’t respect and live with men who don’t provide for them even though they are proudly independent women.

The guys did not sit back and let the girls step on their toes, they too said that ….the world is now changing and some women can provide for themselves because they are equal to men.
Kyle said that for him its even hard to buy a woman Airtime when he hasn’t lived with her for some good time.He said that he doesn’t do this because he’s cheap but its all about being cautious of being made a fool.He said that he needs to stay with a woman for some good time before he spends money on her.
Keagan was too against the idea and asked them” What is valuable, two thousand cows or love?”. When the probing went on, Jessica talked of a man buying sexy stuff for his wife. On this issue Keagan sounded keener and he mentioned that he used to buy expensive gifts for his wife. It was at this point that we came to know that Keagan was once married. We wish his ex-wife didn’t see him kissing another woman on the screens of Africa.
What is your idea on a man supporting his wife financially?


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