News: Zainab Excited To See Keitta

Zainab was overjoyed to see Keitta. The same cannot be said about Roki.
When the Ghanaian walked into Upville for the first time, Zainab could not contain her excitement. She ran out into the garden – arms wide open to meet him. Out of the whole gang, only Maneta and Zainab know Keitta because of their stint in Downville. Roki looked disappointed that it was not Eve who had survived the eviction chop. He stood dejectedly at the door, smoking teabags. Prezzo also seemed to be sizing up the new guy in town. Could the Upville boys see the new arrival as a threat? After being the proverbial ‘King’s of the castle’ for so long, it is understandable.
Will the new guy shake things up? Zainab and Maneta on the other hand threw all sorts of questions at him about the state of Downville and the relationships there. Keitta gladly obliged, filling them in on all the juicy stories that happened in their absence. Barbz sat back and listened as Keitta recounted stories about people she does not know. When the boys got a moment to bond with the new arrival, Roki revealed how he has contemplated stabbing Maneta because she talks too much. “Sometimes I feel like I need a remote to shut her up. She’s lucky I don’t like prison,” he said, eliciting hearty laughter from Keitta. DKB looked excited to see his fellow countryman. Zimbabwe and Ghana have two reps each in Upville at the moment.
Zainab brought up the incident that saw Keitta say he would hook up with her if he were given a 24 hour pass. This happened a couple of days before Zainab was upgraded to Upville.
We wonder why this issue was brought up in the first place. Should we prepare ourselves for a hook up between Sierra Leone and Ghana now that Mildred is on the next flight home?


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