Breaking News: DKB & Zainab Disqualified!

‘Big Brother’s house, Big Brother’s rules,’ this must be a common phrase among Big Brother Africa fans by now.
Well, DKB and Zainab have been disqualified from the house following their heated argument that resulted in DKB slapping Zainab.
Big Brother decided to disqualify the controversial housemates following a decision that took some considerable time to be reached at.
DKB was the first one to be told to leave the house and later Big Brother announced that Zainab had to pack her bags as well and leave the house immediately, however they were both given the opportunity to bid farewell to their fellow housemates.

Zainab clearly provoked and bullied DKB which made him lose his temper and eventually did  a stupid thing which caused him trouble. If  DKB had maintained his true Manhood and prevented the control of his temper, things would have been different.
The rules are quite clear, No one is allowed to influence violence in any kind neither should anybody physically attack a fellow housemate. Unfortunately, these two contravened with the rules and therefore hand themselves a disqualification from this year’s Big Brother StarGame. Provocation leads to violence and therefore it’s not allowed as well.
This means that Ghana has one housemate in the house while Sierra Leone is officially out of the StarGame show.
Over to you, what do you think about this decision?


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