News: Is Malonza A Play-Boy?

I believe that all of you will have to agree if  I personally refer to Malonza as  a ‘Play-Boy,’   who does not know who to settle with in  a real relationship. It should be remembered that Malonza a week ago in his conversation with Keagan said that he can’t fall for any girl in the House because he sees no one of his class.
This is the same Malonza who goes on kissing almost every girl in Downville. At first when I saw him kissing Junia I was like …..”finally  my boy has found love” but it wasn’t love, maybe it was just an expression of what he felt  like doing that time. As time went on, Malonza was seen kissing Edith whom he said that he was in love with and that kissing her was not a task.

A few days back….uhh!…..,alright…..this time we’ll both agree that it was Jannette who kissed Malonza by force. I can’t say that he  should have  resisted it…..No…you never know … was impossible to resist but after the kiss, the boy seemed to be yearning for more.
However, Malonza seems to be finally going for Edith though she may not survive today’s eviction, perhaps the two will link up out side the house. Though there is a big age difference between these two, it wouldn’t be a big deal but the biggest problem is that, it looks like destiny is against their love.
But seriously, does Malonza love Edith? or he is just having fun with the girls?
Do you think Malonza is a playboy?


  1. he's just having a good time i would probably do the same!


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