News: I Am Not Too Drunk To Kiss You

After the blazing moment they had on Friday evening, the Downville girls started exposing their weird  characters. The girls were in their normal  ways before they loaded alcohol onto their “storage devices” (Brains) but after the installation, they all ran crazy and started showing their lust for love.
After they were done with the dancing, the girls went approached the boys and started asking for love!
It was Junia who started the move by flirting with Malonza. She seemed very serious about the issue and vowed not to leave Malonza until her request was considered. However,
Malonza paid a deaf  ear  because he  knew that Junia was already drunk and therefore out of her mind. Though he went ahead to ignore her, Junia went ahead to tell Malonza that she wasn’t too drunk to receive a kiss from him. She continued begging without much success. Junia later gave up because Malonza was playing hard to get.
Within a blink of an eye, Malonza was approached by another girl who was none other than Jannette, showed more interest in Malonza  than Junia. Jannette was the one ‘vibing’ while Malonza was listening. It was more than a tag-of-war for Jannette to convince the guy and when she saw that nothing was to come out of her vibes, she held Malonza tightly and kissed Him by force!
A few moments later it was competition for one man as the two girls (Junia and Jannette) were trying to win his heart. Whenever Jannette was with Malonza, Junia was probably in catching distance but Jannette however, was not willing  to let Junia have a piece of Malonza.
Malonza is turning out to be a ladies man, do you think he is the most handsome Downville male contestant?


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