News: Maneta Is Another Boy In The House……Barbz!

In her diary room session Barbz was asked many things as they unfold in the House. She was asked about how she finds life as the Head of House,How serious the Housemates take their task,whether she’s still focused on the grand prize and so many other things.
When Biggie asked Barbz how housemates handle their duties in the House,Barbz talked of the guys who only do the sleeping, wake up to do the House cleaning ,dishes and wait for table food.

For the cleaning she said that Goldie does the cleaning for Prezzo and that she wonders whether she will manage to do it for him all the time.She talked of Lady May doing the laundry.
Talking of Goldie doing the cleaning for Prezzo, Barbz was also wondering who does it for the boys like Roki,Keitta and interestingly,Maneta!
Barbz referred Maneta to a boy because she does not involve in the housework and she just waits for already done things and this makes her another boy in the House!
If all what is said in the diary room could be revealed to Housemates,they would have known who the true people they live with are.


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