Blog: Keitta-Zainab, Live The Dream!

Some things actually come true and whenever you have a dream and wish to live it, you can surely live it if you so wish!
The much anticipated Keitta- Zainab dream has finally come to pass after the Ghanaian was upgraded to Upville yesterday.
The most excited Upville housemate at the moment is probably Zainab from the looks of it. She acted as the ‘host’ when Keitta stepped foot in Upville, she also warmly welcomed him and tried to help him fit in as she asked him about all the latest gossip in her former house Downville. Keitta was also quick to tell her that they saw her in her hologram a few days ago.

Now that Keitta is short of tight marker Mildred who also doubles as his girlfriend, it may take him some time to cope without his ‘baby sitter’ girlfriend but viewers can rest be assured that Keitta is not out of options.
With Zainab and Maneta at his disposal, Keitta will definitely get out of his shell soon enough and his real character will be exposed after all he can now only care about Mildred scolding and tight marking him from the screen back home in Ghana unless she is going to keep around South Africa and wait for her ‘fiance’ while he enjoys the Upville girls’ company.
Upville boys Roki, DKB and Prezzo are surely in for surprises as ‘competition’ in the house may become stiff. Their comfort zones are surely going to be affected by Keitta’s presence.
Upville at the moment is expected to produce more drama than Downville now that the housemates are reducing almost every weekend.
Well, let’s just seat back as we wait for all the intriguing drama to unfold because surely, Upville is getting more exciting.
Over to you, do you think Zainab is going to execute her long term plan now that Keitta is under her nose?


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