I Was Not Naked - Confidence

Confidence Haugen, Ghana’s female representative evicted from Big Brother Africa Amplified contest, yesterday denied reports that she went nude during her stay in the Big Brother House.

Though what appears to be a photograph of her being nude featured on the front pages of several Ghanaian newspapers, Confidence told a packed news conference at the Golden Tulip Hotel that she never ever showed her nudeness. “I did not go nude and what went on in the House was not a sexual thing, just hilarious.

I know a lot of guys were interested in me but only Michael came to tell me ‘you are beautiful’. Confidence, who denied that she was kissed by Michael, also said she had no regrets about the nude picture she took while in the house. “It was a task and I wanted to get the best picture. You have to be comfortable in your own skin,” she said.

The said photograph showed 37-year-old Confidence showing her naked boobs and having them fondled by a male Housemate, 24-year-old Zues from Botswana. Interestingly, Confidence did not stop to tell the young chap that ‘monkeys play by sizes’ but rather used her palms in pressing his hands further on her breasts as if to say, “hold my boobs dear”.

Zues was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and was seated at the edge of the bathtub with his feet in the water. He had his legs parted in a way that his opened thighs served as a perfect seat of comfort for Confidence.

Zues had placed his palms on Confidence boobs, as she placed her hands on his palms and pushed them further on her breasts. The pair of breasts looked ‘heavy’ and younger that what the natural breasts of a 37-year-old should look like. They were round and firm enough to make a gay turn heterosexual.

But she has denied she was nude and said she does not regret being evicted from the competition and that though $200,000 is no small amount of money, she was not really in need of that amount as all she wanted was to have fun in the BBA House.

“Big Brother taught me that there was more to the life that I led. I’ve realised that the people I left at home when I went into the house are important and they make my life worth living.“I was happy because I missed home and happy that I was going home to meet my people. Big Brother is great fun and the housemates treated me with kindness,” she told the media.

Source: ghanaweb.com


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