Who Is The Ultimate Chase?

Ahead of crowning a winner for the Big Brother Africa show, BOBOYE ONDUKU previews the chances of the Top5 in landing the $300,000 prize and their possible country-votes.
‘Fine girl’ Dillish Pearl Mathews
The official beauty of The Chase has survived five evictons enroute the grand finale. She has largely survived due to Nigeria’s backing. Fans believe her beauty has brought her this far, but they also see a certain manipulative spirit in the Namibian student.
Possible country-votes: Dillish is depending on the Southern African support to bank Biggie’s $300,000.  Namibia, Nigeria and Ethiopia had voted four times to save her but going into the finale, she is sure of only Namibia and will go head-to-head with Melvin for Ethiopia. She can also look to Malawi, Botswana and South Africa for a couple of votes.
Verdict: a possible 3-country vote
‘Fine boy’ Melvin Oduah
Nigeria’s finest on Big Brother Africa has been hailed as a ‘man, worthy of emulation’ by both Chasemates and fans. Being Nigerian makes him the ultimate Chase, as many think the prize money is his to lose. However, the dude who is Coolness personified, has to ward of the ‘playa’ haters from Southern Africa to go past his ‘second-place finish syndrome.’ He has managed to stay out of controversies and has shown enough maturity to get  Pan-African support.
Possible country-votes: Melvin will get the Nigerian vote ahead of country-mate, Beverly. Sierra Leone and the Rest of Africa are also within reach. After that, he can look forward to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Angola for a couple of country-votes.Verdict: a possible 5-country vote.
Video vixen, Ada Beverly Osu
The lady of exaggerations and lies has an unfamiliar record in the history of BigBrother Africa - she is the first and only housemate to go the whole hog without facing possible eviction. But all of her non-nomination for 12 weeks will come to nought if she fails to make it beyond a fifth place finish in the finale.
Possible country-votes: Beverly is the perfect pick for Melvin’s haters, because they feel she has been ‘real and spontaneous’ from the onset. That will give her good standing in Southern Afican countries like South Africa  and Botswana. Ethiopia is a long way off despite her Bimp connections.
Verdict: a possible 1-country vote
The tailor, Elikem Kumordzi
The first Ghanaian to make the grand finale has told all who care to listen that he is happy about his achievement. Whilst making the Top 5 he found himself at the centre of two epic schemes to oust him by Oneal (over a show of ‘West African pageantry’) and Nando ( for being a ‘nigga that shakes his butt’ in front of the cameras). He overcame all that and has gone on to do his thing with ‘needle and thread,’ to the admiration of many fans across Africa.
Possible country-votes: At two crtical stages, Elikem depended on tie-breakers to survive: when he unseated Sulu and survived in Week 4 with a 1-country vote. He is the dark-horse that seeks to steal Dillish’s Zimbabwe and Malawi support in additon to those of Ghana.
Verdict: a possible 3-country vote
Ice-queen, Cleopatra
Rap diva Cleo crept into the Top 5 unnoticed. The Zambian toyed with possible eviction in Weeks 6, 7, and 11 but escaped all with tie-breakers. She avoided the shame of being evicted alongside her man Hakeem on thesame day, in Week 6. Her subsequent tie-breaker triumphs saw her send Pokello and Feza to the eviction gallows. The smooth-flowing queen is a ranked outsider who will finish in the runner-up places, no matter the odds.
Possible country-votes: Cleo will be another victim of a Southern Africa hate-scheme. That places in a difficult position to re-enact her previous triumphs with Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


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