Breaking News: Namibia’s Dillish Has Won $300,000

dillish wins 91
Finally Namibia’s Dillish has entered history as one of the winners of the Big Brother Africa game, she has managed to beat all her fellow housemates that made it to the final with her.
The sexy Namibian lass actually won it with one vote more than the Zambian female rapper Cleo, Dillish got five votes from Africa while Cleo got four from Africa. Dillish’s victory is one that won’t be forgotten by all the Big Brother Africa fans as she didn’t spent 91 days in the Big Brother house without being Head of House at any one moment.
As soon as she stepped on the live stage of Big Brother Africa, IK took the opportunity to invite her boyfriend Stephen who also attended the live show of Big Brother Africa. Stephen hugged his lady love and then put a crown on her head. He said that he had brought the crown for his girlfriend because she always spoke about being a princess while in the house.
Mean while Dillish could not stop shedding tears of happiness, she was so happy and hope she fulfills her wish of building buying her grandfather and siblings a house.
Congratulations Dillish and the whole family wishes you the best in all your endeavors.


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