Beverly the Drunken Mistress

image55Beverly had to be carried to bed twice this evening, after she had downed a little too much to drink.
Drinking in the Big Brother is something of a sport. Nigeria’s Beverly is a great player, as evidenced by her many drunken shenanigans since The Chase started. This evening, Beverly ran amok, stumbling about the House as her man watched. When Beverly tried to get Angelo to tuck her in, Angelo told her “Beverly, you’re not that drunk.” Beverly then found solace in Bimp, who led her upstairs and attempted to tuck her in.
As soon as she lay her head on her pillow, Bimp looked for her pyjama bottoms, found them and helped her into them. Beverly looked grateful, but unfortunately as soon as Bimp attempted to leave the bedroom, Beverly followed. She then sat with her fellow Housemates, ate and engaged them in a lively but drunken conversation.
Angelo then walked off in a huff and retired, leaving his lady yapping. Melvin then helped Beverly upstairs and gave her a goodnight kiss on the forehead. Sweet!
Cleo, Dillish and Feza are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.


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